I have spent close to 20 years of my professionally life involved in various start ups and entrepreneurial endeavors and so can readily say that being an entrepreneur has always been part of who I am. Having had a taste of the corporate world, after graduating with a degree in Law and a Masters in Accounting, I quickly learned that building my own dreams and not that of others was what would fill me with passion and leave me feeling fulfilled.

My entrepreneurial endeavours started at an early age with me starting various small businesses as a way to raise pocket money. They included pet minding and lawn mowing businesses and continued through my university years where a painting and property maintenance business paid my university fees. Later in life my entrepreneurial endeavours have included a fitness start up, an international sourcing and trade company, a web design and development company and an online experience and travel company amongst other endeavours. Not all my ventures have been successful but they have certainly made for an interesting ride.

Being an entrepreneur and bringing something you are passionate about to life is an immensely rewarding experience as is the opportunity it presents to meet with and develop relationships with other entrepreneurs. A former member of Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), a global network exclusively for entrepreneurs who have achieved 7 figures in revenue, I have had the privilege of meeting hundreds of successful entrepreneurs across the world. Each encounter presenting an unique opportunity to hear another entrepreneur’s story and insights into how they discovered their calling in life, their purpose, how they started and grew their businesses and the ups and downs of their entrepreneurial journey.

Entrepreneurs have always been fascinating for me and I have always found their stories inspirational and insightful. Entrepreneurs for me are the sources of the innovation that drives and the world forward and I truly believe that the world would be a much better place if more people answered their personal calling and began their own entrepreneurial journey. I have often asked myself what I could do to personally inspire more people to pursue their dreams and become entrepreneurs and I think I have found the answer through a new website that I have recently launched The Legend Within.

The Legend Within is intended to be a destination to find the inspiration and insights to how to discover and pursue your purpose, and perhaps even start your own entrepreneurial journey and to connect with others who are pursuing their Personal Legend. It is intended to be a vehicle for helping me pursue my personal mission for inspiring others to find their purpose, their Personal Legend and beginning their journey to making it a reality which for some may include the entrepreneur path.

I have found my purpose, I am living my passion, I am creating, learning, growing, I am building something that is bigger than myself, I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR.

Damian Geleyns