Legend Evangelist

Whilst having lived what many people would consider a full life and having had the opportunity over the last 30 years to choose how I live and where in the world I live I still found myself some years ago feeling, unhappy and a little lost with where I was going in life. Whilst I was not unsuccessful, it had been a bumpy ride and I certainly did not feel I had reached my full potential or in fact the level of success I wanted. I certainly was not feeling fulfilled.

I felt I was struggling or at least not performing as I should in many areas of my life. I was experiencing what I call a meanings crises in that I felt I had not found and was not pursuing my life calling. My personal life was a bit of a mess after several failed relationships and in addition I had experienced some health scares due to an inordinate amount of stress both in my personal and business life. Inclusive of a
transitory stroke and a case of stress induced amnesia. With a 6 year old son and being in my mid 40’s I knew it was time to re-evaluate my life and to make some radical changes.

So began my journey of self discovery and personal development to discover my life purpose and how to live a more fulfilling, more balanced and meaningful life. A life with less unnecessary stress, more happiness and fulfillment. A life that sees me making better use of my time and still reaching my goals. A life where I feel I am achieving my potential across all areas of my life and not just some. A life I can
come to call a Legendary Life. Whilst I am not there yet, I have certainly come a long way and know I am in the right direction and have committed myself to the journey ahead.

Inspired by the changes I am making in my own life and coming to realize I have an unfulfilled need to help others on their own life journey I have decided to share what I have learned and am continuing to learn along the way through my new website The Legend Within. Here you will find a mixture of the best strategies from Western personal development experts and the timeless wisdom of Eastern philosophers, sages and thinkers. I will also share the insights and life lessons learned from interviews with real Legends who have been good enough to talk to me about their own personal journey in pursuit of their Personal Legend.

I am hoping that the Legend Within becomes a source of inspiration and a meeting point for all of us embarking on our own Legend journey. A place for us to connect, to exchange lessons learned, our insights, seek out support , advice, accountability and possibly even make new friends.

So here’s my invitation to join me over at The Legend Within. I am looking forward to connecting with you, hearing your story, learning with you and being part of your Legendary journey.

Discover your Personal Legend, your purpose, the thing that challenges, that inspires you, makes you grow, fuels your passion and gives your life meaning.

Damian Geleyns