MY GUIDE FOR LIVING A MEANINGFUL LIFE, ONE LIVED FULLY AND WITHOUT REGRET. Here are the guiding life principles that are the foundation of how I pretend to live my life now and into the future. I call them the Legend Creed and they are intended to guide me in my life’s journey and ensure I lead a meaningful and fulfilled life, a life which has a positive impact on those close to me, the community, the world and our Planet. I hope that they are also a source of inspiration for you and help you to reflect on what is important and inspires you to take action to live a more fulfilled life.

You can find out more about living a more meaningful and fulfilled life by pursuing your Personal Legend and living with purpose at my personal development website: The Legend Within.

Take the time to find or develop your own creed.  Without one you will have little to guide you during the inevitable ups and downs of your life journey.

Damian Geleyns